Carla Bandeira

Travel Advisor

Carla Bandeira

Specialization: Walt Disney World Resort


NOTE FROM CARLA: My personal experience in traveling to Walt Disney World adds a special touch to all of the training I receive. I am honest with opinions and will try to help find the solutions to booking what fits your vacation dream description. I am dedicated to Disney and am always looking to experience things myself before sending you out into the the World. You will not have to do any of this alone… I am a phone call, email or text away and will help with as much or as little as you choose.

ABOUT ME: Growing up,, my family would travel to Portugal,my home country every summer for the entire summer. Occasionally my father would have seminars to attend in other states and we would tag along. That was when my I first visited Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World at the age of 5.
Now that i am grown and have my own little family, in the past 9 years, they have grown to love Disney as well. I have been there a total of 12 times in 9 years. My recently turned 4 year old has even visited a total of 7 times, 4 of those were in 2020.

I am currently a stay at home mom of 2. I have been a travel planner specializing in Walt Disney World trips for 9 years. They say it isn’t work when you love what you do.


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