Katey Brown

Travel Advisor

Katey Brown

Specialization: Specializing in trips to Disney- Walt Disney World (Florida), Disneyland (CA)

I want to help you plan the most magical trip by taking all of the stress out of it. We will create an extremely memorable vacation! I love details – let me iron out all the details – big and small!

A mid-westerner who has traveled to 47 of the 50 states and has visited Mexico, Brazil and Australia (and a lot of Canada since it is just a “bridge” away for her). An avid traveler, Katey likes to find the deals, create incredible experiences, and have the most fun possible. Having visited Disney World more than 30 times, she knows the ins and outs of each Disney property resort, the parks and the restaurants. Katey started travel planning in the corporate world when the internet was just getting started. She loves how the travel industry has evolved and is very happy that paper tickets are a thing of the past. Katey enjoys creating detailed itineraries for her clients trips, not missing any detail.

ABOUT ME: Logistics and planning have been a strong part of my life – whether it was for travel, design or managing sports teams – I love planning. I’m a soccer mom – a daughter who is 2 years shy of graduating high school. We love to travel. In the summers, you can find me in a kayak on the lake.


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