Theresa Scherzinger

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Theresa Scherzinger

(Fun Creating, Sun Chasing Travel Agent)

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on it’s on my list” As a child, my family haven’t traveled but I always had the desire. Wanderlust. Let my wanderlust benefit you.

Specialization: Disney, Cruises and all things Ocean

I am a Disney and cruise guru. I have traveled to Disney World and cruised in many fashions- with a baby, with teenagers, a girls only trip, a couples trip, with my parents and solo. Some of our favorite vacation destinations have been Alaska, British Colombia, Anna Maria Island, the Bahamas and Cashiers, North Carolina. I love the mountains, I love the beach, and I love Disney!

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“We just had the most wonderful, magical, and beautiful vacation and a lot of that credit goes to Theresa Scherzinger. If you are planning a trip to Disney and are not already working with a travel agent, please, please,please consider using Theresa. She was AMAZING!!! I quickly realized that Disney was gonna be stressful for my type A personality and reached out to her. She took care of EVERYTHING for me….. I mean EVERYTHING! ❤️❤️❤️. I thought I had screwed up “royally” (see what I did there…ha)for our first day…. breakfast with the princesses. She immediately calmed me down (not an easy task 🤷🏻‍♀️) and we were still able to get in. After that, it was just smooth sailing….. no planning, no stressing, no WAITING in lines….. it was fabulous!! We loved Disney more than any of us thought we would. 😁❤️😁❤️”

“One of my favorite pictures from our trip! I wanted to give a very special thank you to Theresa Scherzinger for booking our trip, all of her amazing suggestions, and literally thinking and booking every single detail that we would need to have the best time of our lives! If you are planning on a Disney trip soon – you should contact Theresa! ♥️”


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